Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gentlemen. I come to you with grave news. The color-wheel is at risk. Indeed, our beloved magenta, the boldest of the 4-process colors, is under attack by none other than the evilest axis in the axis of evil, Deutsche Telekom, also known as T-Mobile. In this era of intellectual property, copyright and trademarks, people and organizations are quickly grabbing at anything and everything that is possibly within the domain of their identity. In the case of Sony Bravia and the Kozynden piece they so elegantly "co-opted," this race for claiming identity even includes blatant theft (but hey, it's not a foul unless the ref sees it, right?).

But I digress.

In our most recent case, T-Mobile has initiated legal action against Dutch brands that similarly use the color magenta in their corporate identities. Victims include Slam FM, Compello and 100% NL. T-Mobile claims it owns the rights to use magenta in commercial materials, saying the color is registered to them at the OAMI. The case is similar to a situation that happened a few years ago, where easyMobile entered the mobile phones market and Orange, another UK mobile company, pressed charges over its use of the color.

In any event, we must take action against this sad abuse of color mongering! Join the fight at FREE MAGENTA, share your support with magenta-lovers from across the globe, and let T-Mobile know that, not only does their cycling team suck and we're happy to see them gone from the Pro Tour, but that they should find better ways to occupy their company legal staff.

Oh, and by the way, the color Magenta is used to symbolize anti-racism by the Amsterdam-based anti-racism Magenta Foundation. Looks like the axis of evil really is back.


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