Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's that time of the week again. Sunday morning. Not a care in the world. Just me and the internet. Ahhh. Yeah. Absolutely nothing to do... So, let's see here, what can we search for? Here we go. Google... What is this...a rasta guy claiming to be President Taft. Interesting. Well, not really. But moving on... I wonder if I search the term "boobs" if anything bad will pop up. Ummm, no. What about..."bad boobs". Still nothing. Safe search is on. Damn. I forget how to turn that off. Oh! Wait! What about "excellent Sweedish film editing"? Good, Josh. Good. Now, let's see, keep looking... looking... now THERE! Right THERE! THERE'S a jackpot. FAMILJEN! Strobe graphics, Evangelism, family bands, and granny claps. Oh yes.

And while I'm at it, let's check out this French Carribean version of "National Anthem". Directed by someone or some group named Un Circunciso Y Dos No, apparently it was the first Runner-Up in MTV Latin America's "Make Your Radiohead Video" contest. MTV Latin America? Radiohead? French Carribean? I'm confused. Whatever. Back to my lazy Sunday.

PS // if you're interested in seeing in watching some Sweedish geeks, go HERE.


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