Saturday, December 1, 2007

Here are a few odds-n-ends I decided to post, while I avoid thesis work...

First up, in response to the latest viral video making waves on the internet scene, it seems that designers are finally staking some ground and adding their own bit of creativity to the mix (eww, maybe "mix" isn't the right word for this post). In addition to the plethora of amusing reaction videos (KERMIT being my favorite), there are now a slew of t-shirts available from CAFEPRESS, DIRTYWORD (Winston's Christmas gift?), and a lovely logo by ANDREWC. Illustrator-Nation at its finest.

Second up is a quick glance at recent activity on the blog. Unfortunately, none of our traffic has resulted from a foul-mouthed google search. However, 63% of our traffic comes from referring sites, including DIGITAG& and EVOLUTIONZONE. Oddly enough, my post about Diplo's I LIKE TURTLES remix has gathered the most hits through web searches on google and yahoo, and the oddest search-engine referral-word to date is "blue boobs." Thanks to Google Analytics for such a thorough report.

Lastly, as for thesis work, I recently finished compiling GreysAnatomy™: A Foldist Dictionary, as well as GreyCodes™, a series of (presently) lame coding techniques for generating abstract pixel/polysurface gradients. Here's a small taste:

int $u;
int $v;
int $x=120;
int $y=90;

for($u=0; $u<$x; $u++){
for($v=0; $v<$y; $v++){
int $r=rand(0,$x);
if ($r<($u+1)){
else {
-ch on
-tx 1
-s 1
-p $u 0 $v
-p $u 0 ($v+1)
-p ($u+1) 0 ($v+1)
-p ($u+1) 0 $v
-n ("curve_"+$u+"_"+$v);

And now, back to work. Inge claims we're meeting with Kipnis next Thursday, meanwhile I'm heading to CMU tomorrow for final reviews; not sure how I got roped into that one.


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