Thursday, January 24, 2008

Studio Office is at it again, taking a short break from the thesis during intersession to design two very different things. 1) a graphic identity package for (Preston) Scott Cohen, master of the hypar, and 2) an introductory curriculum for digital modeling software for 1st year design students, this based on the rhino/vray workshops at the GSD last fall.

The PSC graphic identity package is looking into subtle uses of alternate media, such as embossed pvc and foil printing (as in lotto scratch off tickets). The idea is to make a brand identity that is legible and recognizable but also simple and generic.

The digital modeling curriculum includes a series of workshops and design projects, teaching rhino and vray through the process of a series of manual and scripted algorithmic loops. The purpose of the assignments is to encourage the students' digital facility with rhino, while also introducing them to the concept of formal emergence based on operational logics. I'll post some images of the syllabus or example-projects as soon as they're finished.


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