Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not knowing how many actual subliminal thoughts pass through my brain each day, there are probably at least a few hundred that spark the mental note that "I should add this to the blog." Very few of these thoughts are actually blog-worthy or even have have the ability to exist as more than a sentence and a picture, and yet there's the constant tick associated with each and every one of these thoughts that assumes they're worth documenting. For friends? Strangers? Myself? Posterity that is yet-to-come? Or maybe it's simply a sign of the times that so much modern-day thinking is associated with the phenomenal idea that information - all of it - is for sharing. All thanks to the internet.

So, since so few of my daily thoughts have any place here, maybe their frequency means that a review is in order. But wait, isn't that the definition of a blog in the first place? In other words, a streaming log that somehow gains relevance as a whole? And that makes this...what? A blog within a blog? Wow, sounds innovative! Let's take a look!

Ely for Secretary of Dance
Thanks to Emily for sharing, I highly recommend writing your local elected official and demanding that Ely Kim be nominated for Secretary of Dance. I could watch this like I breathe, which is a lot.

Spring will be Busy
I just made a Google Calendar schedule to organize March through May, and it's busy. Work every day; my stepbrother's graduate recital, Rachel and Michael's wedding and Critical Digital in April, Fly NY and CMU thesis reviews in May. How am I supposed to do the whole Springtime-in-Brooklyn thing? Cut-off shorts and Ray Ban sunglesses?

Outlining Sucks
The title says enough. When you finish school and your brain fills with thoughts that don't get their daily academic work-out, it gets really hard to lay them all out in an outline, and then to eliminate them one-by-one because they really have no relevance to the subject at hand. I need a mid-review like really bad.

Debbie the Digital Downer
Oh, and this outline is for my expanded Critical Digital paper. And as I'm writing it, I realize what a downer my paper is going to be. When I write outlines I like to try to condense things by writing out questions for each section, which the items in the outline try to answer. And already, I'm seeing things like, "has technique reached an impasse as a validation for built form (or a thesis)?", and "what is the effective scale and scope of a digital technique’s degree of applicability?" Long gone are the days of total technique domination.

Cats and Spatial Understanding
Andrea thinks I'm making this up, but I have a theory that Cadelle - and by extension, all cats - have a unique spatial awareness that allows them to position themselves in really interesting ways. It's like Cadelle knows where the exact center of the rug is, or where the center is shifted because of the presence of a table or something, and she knows to sit on that spot to achieve an ideal position and spatial proportion. This requires diagrams, I can feel it.

And to close, I should mention The Count & Sinden's "Hardcore Girls" and Hot Chip's "Out at the Pictures" as the hottest things to ever meet a tapping foot.


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