Sunday, June 7, 2009

GSD graduation was already a year ago, which surprises me because it feels like it must have been the fastest year ever. Between then and now, I slept off my thesis for a few days, biked over 3000 kilometers, taught Career Discovery, designed a university campus in Croatia, organized a digital studio in Switzerland, moved to New York, designed a kite and started working. With all this activity, one of my favorite pastimes has unfortunately fallen by the wayside. It was one of my favorite distractions to be shared with friends especially in dire times, when a little dose of Internet reality made the world seem less serious and much more ridiculous. So, in honor of this bygone pastime and the good times shared by all, I present in no particular order Studio Office's most cherished Internet video hits.

Grape Lady, plus the remix
Dutty Wine Gone Wrong
What What
Trapped in the Closet
In this Club
Cat Flip
Don Piano, Why I Eyes Ya
Bad Smell Air
I have a Bad Case
The 'Beetus


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