Sunday, January 3, 2010

After a nice hiatus from the blog, I'm back. Refreshed, relaxed, well-rested and fully recharged for tackling the massive and hyperlinked network of the internet.

So, where have I been of late? Here, mostly. At my desk. At work. Finishing a very large competition at Asymptote for a project in Zurich. Teaching a studio at Princeton. Reading. Writing. Traveling to see family. And otherwise biking, a lot of biking.

Where will I be as of the future? A few items are in the works. Two articles (on antiseptics and power). Asymptote monographs (with AADCU and another TBD). Major domestic overhaul of seating technology (ie, buying a sofa). Indoor biking. Outdoor biking - this depends on a temperature threshold and the availability of hot coffee.

Where should we be, in the land of hyperlink, until we meet again? I leave you with this, a nice video on how soccer balls are made. I love how the air valve is such a critical part of the production process, and is one of the first parts to be made. It's like a belly-button, and yet it remains functional after it's complete. Unlike my belly-button which just collects a bit of lint.


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