Sunday, April 25, 2010

A lot of things happen when you take on the government. You don't sleep very much. You have no time to update your blog. And worse, you stop paying attention to the outside world, and hence you have little to share on your blog after said taking on the government is complete.

But what is all this talk about taking on the government? Think less conspiracies and angry militias and more along the lines of competing to win an architectural contract for a major federal building - which, now that I think of it, sort of involved conspiracies and angry militias, otherwise known as a 'team strategy'. This being the first federal competition I've ever taken on was not very easy. It required long work days, coordination of a huge consultant team, the production of enormous books and presentations, traveling, hotels and far too many scotches on the rocks. And now, I find myself with a body that only wants to sleep and a brain that refuses to work. Not for architecture, nor for this blog - except for this post, which is meant to fill the gap of inactivity. These are the government doldrums.


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