Monday, June 28, 2010

Dîner en Blanc - Receive a text. Race to the specified location wearing the best white vestments. Guys: set up table, tablecloth, cutlery, dishware, glassware, pour champagne. Girls: serve food. Start first the first course. (All in under 15 minutes)

This is Dîner en Blanc, a flash mob interpretation of the Parisian summer-time supper al fresco. In 2008, the event was held at the Champs Élysées. 2009, Place de la Concorde. 2010, Le Louvre. Each year, the location is kept secret - participants receive text and twitter messages just 15 minutes before it begins - so as to rely on the flash mob's lighting quick speed to set everything up before authorities can intervene. The 2010 dinner was reportedly attended by over 10,000 and the event continues to grow each year.

Some complain that the recently epic proportions have depleted the event of its prestige, others are quick to praise its widespread publicity. Either way, the dîner has gone viral, spreading to other cities like Berlin and Montreal.

New York has yet serve as a host to the Dîner, perhaps because its patience for flash mobs has been worn thin by iPod dance-a-thons and pantless subway days. But the city still offers several underground eateries; most of which are near impossible to find and even more difficult to book. Perhaps our time and effort is better spent ironing a white suit, waiting for the elusive text message and hoping there is a cab nearby ready to whisk us away.

Photo Credit:  Balthazar


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